LimeWire Still Available For Download

Although LimeWire LLC has been officially shut down, there are still many places to download LimeWire remaining.  Because LimeWire is based on the gnutella network, you will always be able to connect and share files with millions of people.  One of the best places to download LimeWire is right here on this website.

LimeWire will stay around in one form or another.  Some groups have created LimeWire Pirate Edition which is the pro version of LimeWire released for free.  With LimeWire you can download all of your favorite music and MP3 files from other file sharers across the globe.  There is no limit to how many downloads you can run and you will not have to pay anything to use the service because everyone shares their own files.

The important part of LimeWire is the aspect of searching for files based on names, type of files, and genres of music.  Although most people use LimeWire solely to listen to songs and transfer them onto their phone or music player, there are also other types of files shared on LimeWire such as videos and books.  LimeWire includes a built-in media player and even allows you to preview media while they are downloading.  This means that you can quickly find out if a music file is the one you are looking for or not and can choose to continue to download or delete the file.  Also included within LimeWire is a user community of chat where other people using LimeWire can talk with one another about their favorite music or current events.

LimeWire is available to download and you can begin enjoying unlimited MP3 and music downloads for free.  Simply click the download button and start the installation procedure and you will be on your way to filesharing in minutes.

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