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LimeWire came out many many years ago and most people do not realize that it is still extremely active because it is free.  You can download unlimited music and MP3 files to your ipod or stream them in real time.  If you have not got into the LimeWire scene yet you may be missing out.  You can download limewire for free off of any website and start enjoying movie and music downloads instantly.

If you thought that the free online music went away over a decade ago when Napster was shut down then you are wrong.  Today LimeWire offers free legal downloads of all the most popular music such as Britney Spears or Lady Gaga.  LimeWire has improved so much since it was first made available on the web to download for free.

Download LimeWire today and get legal downloads of your favorite music and other media files.  You can download for free an unlimited amount of information on the LimeWire network.  What are you waiting for?  Get your free limewire download!

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