LimeWire Still Available For Download

Although LimeWire LLC has been officially shut down, there are still many places to download LimeWire remaining.  Because LimeWire is based on the gnutella network, you will always be able to connect and share files with millions of people.  One of the best places to download LimeWire is right here on this website.

LimeWire will stay around in one form or another.  Some groups have created LimeWire Pirate Edition which is the pro version of LimeWire released for free.  With LimeWire you can download all of your favorite music and MP3 files from other file sharers across the globe.  There is no limit to how many downloads you can run and you will not have to pay anything to use the service because everyone shares their own files.

The important part of LimeWire is the aspect of searching for files based on names, type of files, and genres of music.  Although most people use LimeWire solely to listen to songs and transfer them onto their phone or music player, there are also other types of files shared on LimeWire such as videos and books.  LimeWire includes a built-in media player and even allows you to preview media while they are downloading.  This means that you can quickly find out if a music file is the one you are looking for or not and can choose to continue to download or delete the file.  Also included within LimeWire is a user community of chat where other people using LimeWire can talk with one another about their favorite music or current events.

LimeWire is available to download and you can begin enjoying unlimited MP3 and music downloads for free.  Simply click the download button and start the installation procedure and you will be on your way to filesharing in minutes.

Get A Free LimeWire Download Now

LimeWire came out many many years ago and most people do not realize that it is still extremely active because it is free.  You can download unlimited music and MP3 files to your ipod or stream them in real time.  If you have not got into the LimeWire scene yet you may be missing out.  You can download limewire for free off of any website and start enjoying movie and music downloads instantly.

If you thought that the free online music went away over a decade ago when Napster was shut down then you are wrong.  Today LimeWire offers free legal downloads of all the most popular music such as Britney Spears or Lady Gaga.  LimeWire has improved so much since it was first made available on the web to download for free.

Download LimeWire today and get legal downloads of your favorite music and other media files.  You can download for free an unlimited amount of information on the LimeWire network.  What are you waiting for?  Get your free limewire download!

Download of the Day is LimeWire

Today our top download is LimeWire Basic.

LimeWire is a quick, simple peer-to-peer file sharing program and contains no bundled software of any kind. Compatible with all major Windows platforms and running over the Gnutella network, LimeWire’s open source code is available for free to the public domain and is developed by a passionate programming community.

LimeWire is the easiest, fastest, and most advanced file sharing application available and it is completely free of any type of bundled software.

LimeWire is also promising a very impressive new filtering system to encourage safer and more responsible online file sharing.

The latest version includes the following features:

• Firewall-to-Firewall Transfers.
• Faster Network Speeds.
• Universal PlugN’Play (UPnP).
• iTunes Integration.
• Creative Commons Integration.
• “What’s New?” Feature.
• Search Drill Down.
• Proxy Support.
• Support for International Searches and International Groups.

Enjoy Downloading Music With Free LimeWire

From starting out as a post-Napster clone, LimeWire is now the highest quality P2P Gnutella application.  The latest version of LimeWire is set to please the Web 2.0 scene, with a community-centric emphasis and a sleek new graphical user interface.

LimeWire is a peer to peer filesharing system for every type of computer file, including music, video, pictures, games, and text documents.  You are even able to preview files while they are downloading.  The most common file and what made Napster so popular is music, and LimeWire is easily the best method of enjoying music.

A quick dynamic query for your favorite artist or song will reveal thousands of other users keen on sharing the same musical taste.  You can queue unlimited music files and listen to them as they download.  Once you are done, LimeWire includes the ability to burn the music directly onto a CD or MP3 player.